What age group is best suited for Project S.T.O.P.?

Project S.T.O.P. is a program that is appropriate to use in grades K-5. We have found third grade to be the most effective grade for implementation if you had to pick only one grade level. Highly effective skills are taught in a safe and sensitive manner.

What school districts are implementing Project S.T.O.P.?

Click on the “Schools” tab on the menu bar to view all the school districts that are successfully implementing Project S.T.O.P.

What class size is most effective for delivery of the program?

The program can be implemented to small or large groups. A class size of 25 or less is recommended so that more student participation can occur.

What does the pre and post-test consist of?

Project S.T.O.P.s pre/post-test consists of 10 questions used to gage student knowledge. It is recommended to administer the pretest any time before the program lesson and then the post-test after the lesson. It is recommended to do both the day of program implementation. However, if necessary, no more than a 2 week period prior and post of program delivery.

What does the research show in regards to increase of knowledge in the sample findings from pre-test to post-test?

Data, using 1,000 students as a sample size, shows significant growth after the delivery of the program from pre-test to post-test.

Do you need the pre-test results or do you just need the NET number of how many students increased their score post-test?

We encourage schools to either take the pre/post-test online at our webpage or to send us the testing sheets so we can continue to collect data. We analyze each question and then determine a net number of overall percentage of increase in knowledge.

How long is the program on the DVD?

The DVD program is 22 minutes long, however when administered to a class the program typically takes about an hour. The time of the program varies depending how in depth discussions and activities are performed. Facilitators can adjust the program time by encouraging or limiting discussions and interactions.

Who can act as a facilitator?

Any instructor or adult child care provider can act as the facilitator. The facilitator does not need to be an expert in the topic area. The interactive video leads the program. The facilitator simply follows the directives given and guides students in their participation.

How long will it take the facilitator to become acquainted with program prior to presenting it to the 3rd graders or other elementary students?

It is recommended to view the video at least once before presenting it to the students. Since the DVD is interactive and the program is self-contained, there is very little preparation needed prior to presenting the program.

Are there are additional resources available (Books, Online Resources, etc)

Additional books and programs can be ordered online at ReInventingTheCycle.org and our site also provides links to other organizations that may help with additional services.

What is the cost of the program?

The kit introductory price costs $350. Additional books can be purchased for $10 or less if purchased in bulk. Often time grants through PTAs or other organizations can defray the cost for schools.

Who do I contact to get questions answered?

Email inquiries to: Cathy.DuBois@ReInventingTheCycle.org

If parents / guardians have questions, where do I point them for more information?

Visit ReInventingTheCycle.org for more information or to see links to other organizations that can provide additional services.

What if my school board or parents object to this program?

We have not had this happen yet. School Boards and parents recognize the need and benefit of Project S.T.O.P. When the program is delivered in schools, however, parents always have the option to have their child opt out of the program.

What does the kit include?

The kit contains an interactive DVD, the book When a Stranger to LOOK OUT for Isn’t a Stranger, role playing doll, pre/post-test, and a “How to Use this Kit” instruction sheet. All items are stored in a durable duffle bag.