Project Stop the Oppresive Predator (S.T.O.P.)

It is an elementary school-based program designed to heighten awareness of sexual molestation of children and to empower children to prevent or stop it from occurring by someone they may or may not know.

This program is intended for males and females in the third grade, but it can also be effectively used for children in grades K-4.  The goals of the program are the following:

1)  Improve understanding about appropriate and inappropriate touches.

2)  Empower children to know what to do if they receive an inappropriate touch.

3)  Educate children how to prevent becoming a victim or how to get help if they already have been violated.

Project S.T.O.P. consists of 5 components:

1)  Children’s interactive book (containing story, journal, and reference guide)

2)  “My Friend” doll

3)  Pre/Post test

4)  Interactive video for a guided lesson

5)  Parental permission slip for participation

Acquisition of skills is promoted through the interactive book, facilitated discussions, structured activities, role-playing scenarios, and journaling.  Project S.T.O.P. is based on both the Cognitive Behavioral Interventions, and Social Influence and Competence Enhancement models of prevention.  A small-scale study was designed and implemented to test the acceptability, age appropriateness, and preliminary efficacy of the program. The research studies and outcomes reviewed for these involved third grade children. A Pre-test was administered to determine prior knowledge, the program was presented, and a Post-test was administered to determine if new knowledge was acquired. Outcomes reflect an overall increase in scores from pre-tests to post-tests.


Who will facilitates Project S.T.O.P.
Project S.T.O.P. is intended to be facilitated by elementary school guidance counselors during a classroom lesson of approximately one hour.  This program, however, is designed so that educators could also facilitate the program.  Since it is an interactive lesson, the person presenting the program does not have to be an expert.

What makes Project S.T.O.P. so effective?
Project S.T.O.P. actively engages children through the use of an interactive video and book. The activities that are part of the program, allow children to learn through participation and collaboration.

What content standards does this program cover?
Since content standards vary in each state, please locate your state’s department of education.

What are the credentials of this program?
This program was developed by Cathy DuBois who has been teaching for 17+ years. She has earned a Bachelors of Science in Elementary Education (1-8) and Special Education (K-12), and a Master’s Degree in Guidance Counseling. Sample research using pre/post tests with 500+ children showed a significant increase of content knowledge. Read endorsements from other esteemed professionals.

How can our district acquire Project S.T.O.P.?
If you are a school district in the state of Ohio, you can apply for a free kit. Free kits are in limited supply. The Project S.T.O.P. program from our online store.

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