Survey Answers

1. School professionals have a central role in abuse identification. What percent of the cases of neglect or abuse do they report? (Note it is more than any other institution & many victims are conditioned to believe that no one can help so school professionals may be their only help.)

Answer: 52%

2. What percent of the time does a sexually abused or molested child know his or her perpetrator?

Answer: 90%

3. When do school professionals, amongst others, legally have to report if there is reasonable cause to suspect child abuse?

Answer: Any child under 18

5. What factor do you think hinders your district or other school districts from implementing a molestation or sexual abuse prevention program?

Answer: The truth is that while there may be reasons that you have postponed implementing a sexual abuse prevention program until this point, molestation and sexual abuse is having such a negative impact on our youth that we no longer can continue to avoid it.

6. Do you know what Erin’s Law is?

Answer: Erin’s Law is legislation requiring states to either study or develop age-appropriate child sexual abuse identification and prevention curricula to help children, teachers and parents recognize and identify child sexual abuse.

7. How many states have already passed Erin’s Law?
(Note: It is pending in Ohio, so get ready for it.)

Answer: 35

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